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1851 Exhibition of All Nations
Round Metal Inkwell with drawer for pens and supplies. This is a large ornate piece that one would keep on their writing desk. The top has 3 concentric rings of decorations. The outer ring has raised ribbons with raised letters of names of 21 famous people including: "Newton.", "Gutenburg", "Crompton.", "Cellini.", "Peel.", "Raphael.", "Stanhope", "Watt." and more. The next ring has 9 images of people working in different professions and trades including a potter, a sheep herder, a weaver, a teacher and more. The inner most ring has three words in three languages: "Commerce.", and mostly Manufacturing and Merchants (it seems they all mean Commerce). Rising out of the center is a spherical globe with "Exhibition of Industry of all Nations in London 1851" in a ribbon that wraps the globe. The globe has a map underneath the ribbon with the words "West Indies", "Pacific Ocean", "South America", and "Atlantic" This sphere opens to reveal a place for the ink well (there is no ink well). The sides have a raised decoration and the whole thing stands on 6 feet. There are 3 drawers around the side. In tiny writing on the edge is "Published as the Act Directs by Henry Elkington Feb' 20 1851". This is truly a wonderful souvenir of the first fair. Size: 9" diameter by 5" tall. Condition: Extremely Fine, slight wear and age toning. There is no glass inkwell in the sphere.

Winning Bid: $ 675

Estimate: $ 800 - $ 1,200

Bidding Ended

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