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1909 Hudson Fulton Celebration
2 Large Bronze Disks. One pictures 3 women sitting in front of 2 columns with "Robert Fulton 1765 1815" image between them and on the left of the column is old New York Skyline and on the right is the modern (1909) New York Skyline. Below the woman is "First Use of Steam in Navigation on the Hudson River 1807". The other disk in the center pictures shows a bunch of shipmates working the rigging of a sail boat with "Discovery of the Hudson River by Henry Hudson A.D. MDCIX" written around the edge. Around the bottom edge is: "The American Numismatic Society", "Hudson-Fulton Celebration Comm:". At the bottom is a sail boat with "Halve" and "Maene" on either side. The backs are blank with a threaded hole in the center (and a matching machine screw) to attach these to something. Size: Each is 4" diameter by 1/8+" thick. Condition: Extremely Fine with very light wear.

Winning Bid: $ 30

Estimate: $ 40 - $ 60

Bidding Ended

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