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Modern Reference
VHS Tape of both 1939-40 and 1964-65 New York World's Fairs.
  • Black and White and a few Color stills of the 1939-40 New York World's Fair including an aerial of the Perisphere under construction, night shots, interiors and mostly exteriors of pavilions and a few architectural renderings. 21 minutes.
  • Still photographs from the 1964 fair. Mostly exteriors with some interior shots. Some construction shots. Also pictures of many postcards. Finishing up with demolition and Flushing Park pictures. 45 minutes.
  • Film footage from 1939 1 minute
  • "It's A Fair" film. Color film of 1964 fairgrounds, buildings, people with music - jumpy picture (it's an early conversion from film to video). 12 minutes.
  • Black & White Film: "New York World's Fair, World of Tomorrow", shows sky jump, parachute jump and 2 pavilions. Images are a bit fuzzy. 1 minute.
  • Color footage of the 1964-65 fair: GE entrance, sky buckets, entrance, aerial view from helicopter, fountains, Unisphere, international pavilions, views from sky ride, religious pavilions, industrial pavilions, state pavilions, transportation area and fireworks and Unisphere at night. And lots more. 19 minutes.
  • 1939 Color Film. 1 minute.
  • 1964 Color Film. 1 minute.
  • Jason Robarts narrates Color film of the 1939 fair including Democacity, inside the Futurama, Electro in Westinghouse, the amusement area and night shots. Closing Ceremonies. 20 minutes.
  • "All Fair at the Fair" a Max Fleischer Cartoon. (not complete, the tape ran out).
    Condition: The older films are a little fuzzy. Some of the still pictures are a little out of focus. All in all it is enjoyable to watch.

    Winning Bid: $ 20

    Estimate: $ 8 - $ 10

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