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In order to Register and Bid Online,
you must read and agree to the following terms

Terms and Conditions of Sale

By submitting bids in this auction, whether it be by telephone, fax, Internet, email, mail or any other method, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of Sale as follows:

1. This is an Absentee Auction. There is an online catalog with pictures. There is a printed version available, however it has a limited number of black and white pictures.

2. Bid Closing Time : The auction bidding officially ends Tuesday January 31st, 2023 at 10 PM Eastern Time. 10 minutes before the end of the auction, when you refresh your bid page, a timer will appear next to each lot. This timer will indicate how much time is left to bid on each individual lot. When a bid is placed on a lot, the timer is reset to 10 minutes. When the 10 minutes has passed and no bid has been placed, that lot will sell to the highest bidder. You MUST REFRESH your bid page to see the timers change.

3. Bidding Process . Bidders are solely responsible for their own bids. Bidding mistakes may be resolved prior to auction closing. If you have any questions regarding the online bidding process, please contact us.

4. It is the bidder's responsibility to submit bids before auction closing. If you are submitting bids by phone, fax, mail or email, it is your responsibility to do so in a timely manner. We have the right to refuse last minute bids, based on time constraints. Last minute bid requests may result in non-entry.

5. Bid Increments. Bids must be submitted in the appropriate increments as outlined below. To be successful, your bid must be at least a full increment above the current high bid (the minimum is displayed with the current bid). Online bidding may be no lower than the minimum bid. Any bids lower than the minimum bid will be rejected automatically. If you have any questions about an appropriate bid amount please contact us. The bidding increments are as follows:

Current BidIncrementCurrent BidIncrement
Under $10$1 $10 - $39$2
$40 - $99$5 $100 - $249$10
$250 - $499$25 $500 - $999$50
$1,000 - $4,999$100 $5,000 - $9,999$250
$10,000 and up$500

6. Actual Bid vs. Up To Bid Processing: For every lot you will be presented with 2 bid boxes. Bids entered in the box marked 'Actual $ Bid' will be posted immediately at the actual amount bid. Bids entered in the box marked 'Up To Bid' will be compe titively bid against the Actual bid using the increments in the table above. If there is a previous Up To bid, then your bid will be bid, up to a full increment above the previous up to bid. If your bid is below the previous up to bid, then the previous up to bid will be placed as the new Current bid in an amount over your up to bid, but not by more than the appropriate increment. As a bidder, this is your choice on each lot. In the event of a tie, the first Up To bid or Actual bid amount will be honored.

6a. Up To Bids. You may raise or lower your Up To Bid at anytime.

7. Buyer Premium. There will be a 10% buyer premium added to each lot.

8. Condition Codes. The rating of condition from lowest to highest is as follows:
Very Good
Very Fine
Extremely Fine
Near Mint

9. Return Policy. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You may return any piece within one week of receipt of item(s); the full purchase price including buyer premium will be refunded. We have made our best effort to describe condition accurately. When we receive your bids we will assume you have read the description in the catalog and have contacted us regarding any questions you may have on any lot. The return policy is only effective if your payment is received within 30 days of invoicing. Please call us if you require a more specific condition report.

10. Invoicing. Invoices will be sent to online bidders via email and USPS for all other bidders. We do not ship any purchases until we receive payment in full. Upon payment of the invoice, your package will be sent to you.

11. Shipping and Insurance.Shipping and handling fees reflect standard USPS Priority rates, or other applicable shipping service rates plus up to $ 2 to offset the cost of packing materials. We usually ship your lot(s) to you via USPS. Please let us know if you have any special requirements for shipping packages as soon as possible. Insurance is required on all sales of $20 or more.

12. Payment. Payment is due in full within 30 days of receipt of invoice. If arranged prior to the closing of the sale, payment may be made in 3 separate payments at 30-day intervals. Payment can be made to 4th Dimension Collectibles, P.O. Box 3411, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32004-3411. We accept cash, personal checks, money orders etc. There is a 5% surcharge to pay with Paypal. All returned checks are subject to a $ 35 fee.

13. Sales Tax: All lots shipped to addresses in Florida are subject to the local Florida State Sales Tax Rate unless we have a valid resale certificate on file prior to invoicing.

14. The auctioneer has the final decision on all matters regarding this sale. The terms of this agreement are a binding contract between you the bidder and 4th Dimension Collectibles.

When you Accept the terms of the Auction, you will be taken to the Registration Page. Your registration will remain in force for all future World's Fair Auctions.

  Andrew Kaufman Auctioneer: FL License AB2769 & AU3870                     10% Buyer Premium
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