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Auction Ended: Tuesday - February 3rd, 2015 at 10:00 PM EDT

Auction Local Time: July 17, 2018 11:13:59 EDT

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Category: 1851 Exhibition of All Nations (1 to 2)

The London Crystal Palace - the First World's Fair
Final Bid
White Metal Medal. Obverse: Pictured in the center (as written around the top edge) "The Crystal Palace". Below "For the World's Show in London 1851". In small letters under the building "Heaton." & "Birm." Reverse: "Dimensions, Length 1848 Ft, Width 408 Ft, Height of Roof 66 Ft., Height of Transept 108 Ft., Glazed Surface 900,000 Sq. Ft. and Occupies 18 Acres". Size: 1 3/16" diameter. Condition: Very Fine with light scratches. Hole is probably not original. $ 35
3 Volume Set "Tallis 's History and Description of the Crystal Palace", "and the Exhibition of the World's Industry in 1851; Illustrated by Beautiful Steel Engravings, from original Drawings and Daguerreotypes, by Beard, Mayall, Etc., Etc.", "London Printing and publishing Company". These volumes contain over 100 Illustrations of everything from the exterior of the building to statues and exhibits. 267 Volume 1 has 267 pages, volume 2 has 262 pages and volume 3 has 110 pages of descriptions. All 3 volumes have been rebound. If you want to be an expert on the 1851 fair, these volumes are a must. Size: 8 1/4" wide by 10 3/8" high. Condition: Overall Very Good. Several of the pages have brown spots. The biggest problem is that at least 3 of the engravings have been cut out of the books. $ 60
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