World's Fair Auction

Auction Ended: Tuesday - October 22nd, 2019 at 10:00 PM EDT
Catalog Lot 303

Auction Local Time: Jan 26, 2020 01:04:33 EST

1964 New York World's Fair
Badge with a Pin Back at top and a ribbon hanging below. The button at top is blue, orange, black and white pin back picturing the "Unisphere" with "New York World's Fair" written around the top, "Peace Through Understanding" around the bottom with "1964" to the left and "1965" to the right. An orange ribbon hangs from the button with "N.Y. World's Fair" and the Unisphere with "Peace Through Understanding" running from top to bottom. Size: 1 7/16" wide by 5" long. Condition: Excellent.

Winning Bid: $ 9

Estimate: $ 10 - $ 15

Bidding Ended

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