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Auction Ended: Tuesday - October 22nd, 2019 at 10:00 PM EDT
Catalog Lot 356

Auction Local Time: Feb 28, 2020 00:33:36 EST

Modern Fairs
Magnet picturing one of the Foodie characters (a purple plum) in the original package. The package wrapper has the multicolor Foodie logo. (These characters were designed by Disney.) Magnet and wrapper marked "Expo" and Licensed. Size: Magnet is 1 5/16" wide by 2 1/16" tall. Package is 2 5/8" wide by 5ītall. Condition: Near Mint, the plastic package is wrinkled. Magnet is Mint.

Minimum Bid: $ 4

Estimate: $ 8 - $ 12

Bidding Ended

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