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1931 French Colonial International Exposition
Certificate that is a voucher that includes: 20 tickets of entry to the Expo that have a value 3 francs each (they were attached to this voucher, but were used and no long attached). It is also a Lottery Ticket that participates in 12 drawings for a total of 24,264,000 francs. Dates of lottery drawings on reverse. It also provides reduced prices on transport - train, boat, plane, with specific companies named on reverse. The train box (top box on right) has been used and is dated May 22, 1931. The certificate also provides reduced prices to special shows and performances inside the Exposition. Quite an interesting concept of mixing a lottery with the sale of admission tickets to the fair. Uncommon. Size: 11 1/8" wide by 7 7/16" high. Condition: Extremely Fine. There is a 1/2" tear on one of the folds, the tickets are removed from the left and it appears that the right side is trimmed, but that might be because something else was removed from the right side.

Winning Bid: $ 45

Estimate: $ 25 - $ 50

Bidding Ended

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