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1933-34 Chicago World's Fair
Square Cardboard on string "'Epworth League Day' Century of Progress", "Wednesday August 29th 1934". On the back is circle with 4 triangles coming out from the center. 3 of the triangles have a title for what should be written into the area: "Name", "Church-Chapter" and "Address". These 3 boxes have pencil writing in them. The center circle has a cross in the center with lines radiating out. "Look Up", "Lift Up" is printed in the circle around the cross. The next circle has "Epworth League Acquaintance Card" printed in it. Size: Card is 2 1/2" square. Condition: Extremely Fine, with light brown area on the back. Also there is pencil writing on the back (filled in by the person who got this badge at the fair).

Minimum Bid: $ 1

Estimate: $ 5 - $ 10

Bidding Ended

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