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1907 Jamestown Exposition
Unused Multicolor Postcard "Jamestown in 1907." with a color drawing of the condition of the original landing site as it appeared in 1907. On the back is the logo and "1607 - Jamestown Exposition - 1907". The Description on back reads: "No. 18. Jamestown in 1907. This view shows the present condition of the landing place of our first forefathers, and the seat of the first civil and religious establishment on the shores of North America. Jamestown, a peninsula of land at the time of the landing May 13, 1607, has since become an island and would, but for the protection it by the United States Government, be gradually washed away by the James River whose waters, as will be seen, have approached the very foundation of the precious and historical ruin of the old church. The town was burned during Bacon's rebellion in 1676, and it ceased to be the capital in 1699 when the seat of government was removed to Williamsburg, Virginia. Since that time it has been of no particular importance, excepting from an historical standpoint. (See Nos. 7, 16, and 17.)" In small writing on the front is "American Colortype Co. N.Y", "Copyright 1907 by Jamestown A. & V. Co." Size: 5 7/16" wide by 3 7/16" high. Condition: Extremely Fine with indents near all the corners where the card was stored in an album.

Winning Bid: $ 1

Estimate: $ 5 - $ 8

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